We have a quote board at the SMS T2 house, and in anticipation of doughnuts for dessert, Erika found this quote! I’m not sure a doughnut without a hole is a Danish…. But what do you think? Every… Read More

The 100 Kilometer Ski (we did it!)

I’ve spent a good deal of the morning trying to come up with the best way to relay my 100 Kilometer experience. At first I had a schedule format planned (at 7:00 AM this happened…at 8:00 AM this… Read More


On (this!) Saturday September 20th, my teammates and I will ski 100 Kilometers as the SMS T2 Team’s primary fundraising event for the year. This is 62.1 miles, is an exceedingly long distance.  Approximately 6 hours on roller skis… Read More

FedEx and Fundraising: A Brain Game

A quick game to start off this week’s blog post. What do the FedEx logo and the picture of me finishing a race (with Isabel Caldwell cheering hard) at the 2014 Middlebury Carnival have in common? Here’s a… Read More


As I write this, I’ve just arrived at the Lake Placid, NY, Olympic Training Center, and am all geared up for my first “official” training camp of the year.  I love training camps–they are a great way to… Read More

6 Word Memoirs: Lake Placid Edition

Like any good midwesterner, I don’t speak in monotone. I use my hands, my voice travels across many octaves, and a lot of the time my own excitement gets in the way of getting a point across. It’s… Read More