Getting Ready to Race

What do a squirrel finding a hidden acorn, a skier finding the missing sock to a smartwool pair, or a me finally locating my favorite shirt crumpled at the bottom of my ski bag have in common?  The exhilarating… Read More



Yesterday was a sad day for SMS T2.  Our World Cup contingent hopped the big pond, and are right now settling into their 5 month suitcase life beginning in Munio, Finland.  Goodbyes are never fun, but the moment… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide

THIS SATURDAY we are hosting our first fundraising dinner at the Stratton Mountain School. A very generous donor has matched all of our donations up to $25,000 until November 15th. And there have been at least 38 other donors in the holiday spirit. Let’s try and make it 50. Every little bit helps, especially when one dollar is two. Happy (early) Christmahannukwanzadan (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Ramadan all in one word). Together let’s make this the best holidays yet, and donate to the SMS T2 team!

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Desperate Times

…call for desperate measures.  Earlier this week I wrote about the dark days of November, ending the post with an uplifting and true (albeit cheesy) message that sometimes all you have to do is look on the bright… Read More


The November Dark Times

Further, training takes on a new level of intensity this time of year. With the real racing starting up late November, every bad day or bad workout seems just a little worse. The common refrain if you have a bad workout in July is, “It’s only July…you’ve got plenty of time!” But now that comes out “It’s only November 4th…you’ve got 16 days.” Which is plenty of time, but still seems atrociously, devastatingly, but tantallizingly close. Intervals get harder and shorter, days get darker and shorter, and sometimes attitudes get grumpier, and, well, grumpier.