Remembering Bucket

I’m writing this from Kazakhstan, and while I am so excited to be racing and representing the United States this week, part of me is also back in Craftsbury, Vermont.  A year ago my Dartmouth teammate and friend… Read More


Skills for Life

My teammate and name-mate Annie Pokorny just wrote a great blog on how to completely mess up your travel day. I’ve borne witness to several of the mishaps on her list of six, and even lived through one… Read More


From a Kid’s Perspective

After watching Katie take a headfirst tumble down the maybe 3% grade for the umpteenth time in just five minutes, I was getting a little worried abut her resiliency. She had taken some really hard falls, and after… Read More


Nationals in Review

I didn’t even know it was possible for it to snow when it was 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  I thought that at its earliest beginnings, nature decided to not strike unsuspecting skiers with the double whammy of brutally cold… Read More