The Pain Cave

During the winter months of racing, every weekend brings with it anywhere from one to three (to nine if you are competing in the Tour de Ski) opportunities to enter the pain cave.  During the summer training months,… Read More


Chicken Chorizo Paella

When something is described as a “30-minute meal,” I usually triple the time.  I don’t know how the inventors of these recipes manage to marinate, chop, peel, dice, sauté, brown, bake, cook, serve, and photograph a dish in… Read More


The Jumping Shot

Mornings (and Mondays) are a good time for reflection.  Especially today.  What, with the rain drops running down the windows, the Van Morrison playlist providing a playlist for my off-day to-do list, and my third cup of coffee… Read More

Grain Salad

The Grain Salad Deconstructed

For a dish to be truly great, four conditions must be met. One, it must be delicious. Two, easy.  Three, good for you. And four, possess superior leftover potential.  The grain salad passes every criteria with flying colors…. Read More


Song of the Summer

NPR recently released a very long, very confusing, very educational-albeit slightly boring- article on how the Billboard Hot 100 songs are determined, and how streaming services (think Youtube, Vevo, Pandora, Spotify) affect the songs that land the coveted top… Read More


Savory Corn Cakes

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…Thursday’s Bakery is back!  I’ve gotten all settled in here at Stratton, and with Jessie arriving late Wednesday night, Thursday presented the perfect opportunity to have some fun cooking for two.  To… Read More