I’ve been trying my hardest to keep the “fun” in FUNdraising.  While at times the prospect of raising $30,000 and asking for donations can be intimidating and a little bit daunting, 98% of the time, it really is fun.  Here’s… Read More


Summer Training

What do you do in the summer, you know…since there isn’t any snow? This is the most asked question when I tell people I am a full time professional cross country ski racer.  It’s a good question, and… Read More


On Tennis

I love tennis.  I love watching tennis, reading about tennis, talking about tennis…pretty much everything except playing tennis.  I have minimal hand eye coordination, and every time I’ve played tennis in the past I have left with a face… Read More


A Whirlwind of Activities!

It started off with #MybadMonday.  Then it was #TotallySwampedTuesday.  What happened next was #WhoaHowIsItSeptemberWednesday.  Then the more classic, #throwbackthursday.  Then the even less creative #flashbackfriday, and here I am on #SoSorrySaturday, finally writing a blog that is about… Read More