Kale Caesar Salad

Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant, claims to have invented Caesar Salad (modestly named) during a July Fourth rush at his San Diego restaurant when he ran out of his normal ingredients.  Making due with what little he had in… Read More


The Headwind

We kicked off last week’s training with a double pole test.  The test lasts about four minutes as you work your way up varying levels of “steep” terrain, with equally varying numbers of double pole techniques.  In a… Read More


Henry’s Smoothie

I’m currently drowning in sweat (and seltzer) on this very hot rest day.  It is the first day of Summer, so it seems fitting to be running around the house in nothing but a sports bra and shorts,… Read More


Kitchen Essentials

We do a lot of training in the summer months.  This leads to two constants: Ever evolving rounds of questions during long over distance workouts, and lots of time thinking about (and later eating) food.  One of my… Read More


Chasing Unconscious Competence

Until two weeks ago, I had never really given my feet much thought.  I focused much more on the bigger muscle groups in my body- strengthening my gluts, mobilizing my back, and building an unbreakable core and triceps… Read More