Simple Meals

Simple is good. So for this week’s recipe round up, I’m sharing some no-recipe-recipes. These are perfect quick meals for anytime- ideal for a mid-summer rest week. There is plenty of room for substitution- so use this as… Read More


Training 101

(A little bit of nitty gritty to set the stage) One of my big training goals for this year was to simply do more training. And not just more, but smarter.  Looking at last year’s plan and what… Read More


Tahini Chicken Marinade

 As far as quality protein sources go, chicken breast lands near the top of the list. As far as good taste goes…well, there is nothing more bland than an overcooked plain chicken breast.  No one likes tasteless rubber…. Read More


The Summer Olympics and Big News

In just over two weeks, the Olympic torch will reach Rio, and the TV at the Disney house will be tuned to NBC sports 24/7. During the last Summer Olympics I was completing my sophomore summer at Dartmouth,… Read More


Cravings and Carbs

Few things excite me more than a new cookbook. Especially as a present. Especially when that cookbook is a goldmine for new recipes. So when Thomas presented me with Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cookbook, I was out of this world… Read More

USST Roller Ski 6-1.30.16-2940-XL

Being Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Mountain biking is something I REALLY want to be good at.  I have a nice bike (it’s black and pink), I have a plethora of willing could-be-pros to teach me (Simi, coach Pat, and my boyfriend Thomas), and… Read More


Breakfast Inspiration

When I go to bed at night, I usually fall asleep thinking about what I’m going to be making for breakfast the next day.  In fact sometimes I can’t wait to fall asleep, because I’m so excited about… Read More