Apple, Hazelnut and Parsley Quinoa Salad

Confession: I usually hate quinoa. In fact, I endearingly call it quino-blah. There really isn’t any flavor in my opinion, so if I’m going to eat it you better believe there are some other things going with it…. Read More


Pumpkin Ice Cream

Near where Thomas lives in Maine there is a tiny ice cream stand with the world’s best ice cream. Tubby’s (aptly named when you realize who owns the place) hand makes creative combinations, with names like “The Tree… Read More


Moroccan Chicken

As I shared earlier with the Tahini Marinated chicken, there is nothing worse than bland chicken. I can’t say it enough, so expect it a couple more times. So with some chicken thighs in the freezer, I was… Read More


On Turning 24

I have always looked forward to my birthday.  I usually have a countdown going (both quietly in my head and out loud to anyone who will listen), and continuously drop massive and not-so-subtle hints about what I’m expecting… Read More


Broccoli Bacon Salad

I feel like I am pretty good at covering all of my nutritious food bases throughout a day. I eat a wide variety of dishes, eat until I’m full, and then eat again an hour later. But around… Read More


Dog Days

I am an early riser. My natural alarm clock wakes me right up with the sun, and most mornings I don’t hit snooze. I’m too excited about coffee, and already figuring out what to make for breakfast (and… Read More