Very few other foods elicit such a universally positive response.   Despite bacon’s popularity, most people think of it only in conjunction with a big pancake breakfast.

Last weekend I was in Lou’s (a favorite Hanover stop) with my boyfriend Thomas and the wait was long.  So to help the wait go by, a waitress was handing out little samples of a bacon maple doughnut.   At first hesitant, I was quickly made the bacon doughnut’s number one fan.  The saltiness complimented the sweet harmoniously, and I had to give bacon without pancakes another chance.

Fast forward one week, and I’m at home in Minnesota and Wisconsin (specifically, the Blue Moon Cabin near Cable) for the SMS T2 team’s off-week.  Bacon is a big hit in our household especially with our dog, Liesel.  So with my sister Val as sous chef, we whipped up a batch of bacon blueberry scones.  Blueberries also are perfectly in season, so they were both a sweet and tart addition to the mix.

I’m actually about to make another batch of these for some extended family, because they were that good.  Because bacon.  Because blueberries.

Because bacon blueberry scones.


First step, cook and chop bacon.


Our very own bacon sample taste-tester.


Fold-over technique for making scones.


These are just so mouth-watering good.

bacon blueberry scones