Birkie Video Challenge Grant


I am ready to say goodbye to roller skiing.  I’ve taken one too many falls (ideal number is zero, I’m at four), my poles have slipped about two (thousand)  too many times, and I’ve pondered the inherent danger in not having brakes far, far, far too many times.

What am I ready for? Snow.  And now that our departure for West is two days away and I only have one roller ski left in the season (I have a rule about not roller skiing past November), I’m allowing myself to get excited.


How can you not be excited about this. Trick question, you can’t. You have to be excited.



Speaking of exciting.  My headgear sponsor the American Birkebeiner Foundation just put out a video challenge for junior teams.  The Birkie is offering $2,500 to a junior club or team for youth racing development.  How can you enter?  Easy.  Watch the below video, visit the link, and make one of your own.

One of the Birkie’s biggest goals (besides putting on the greatest ski race in the world), is to encourage a love of a healthy and active lifestyle through outdoor living.  They want to help spread the nordic gospel, and help develop the next generation of elite racers and Birkie enthusiasts.  And they like having a good time and watching awesome videos.


Only one grant can be given, so make sure your team’s video is the best it can be.  Read the rules, know where the bonus points come from, and don’t forget to submit your video and form (either through mail or fax) by NOVEMBER 24th.

Get packing, get creative, get excited, and get to West Yellowstone.  I’ll see you on the trails.