SMS T2: More Than Just a Team

I’m sure everyone thinks their team is the best. But I can assure you, they are wrong. The SMS T2 team is not only filled with amazing skiers, but my teammates’ incredible skiing skills are only surpassed in their quality of person. I can honestly say I admire each and everyone of them, and I truly believe that every single one of us brings a different set of skills to the metaphorical (and often literal) table. Our tightness as an otherwise hodgepodge group of individuals, I think, is best explained by viewing us not as a team but as a family. May I present to you, the SMS T2 Family Tree.

At the top of the food chain we have Grandpa Pat (otherwise known as coach).  A new addition to the team this year, we couldn’t do what we do without his guidance.  Filled with wisdom, Pat as done an exceptional job figuring out what each of us need to work on, and never seems to tire from telling us the same technique cues over and over and over again (similar to other Grandpas who sometimes forget that they’ve told the same story for 15 minutes straight, but each time they repeat the story it is with a renewed enthusiasm and sense of urgency).  Further, Grandpa Pat has the perfect balance of general optimism with an underlying current of rampant cynicism.  And, finally, he has that one shirt that even though it is old, has holes, and has the wrong team name on the front, he just won’t give it up.  But we love him, and wouldn’t have any other grandpa.

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