I hate snakes.  I even started my high school senior speech by detailing a story of how much they scare me.  I see a tiny garter snake and I let out a squeal.  I don’t understand how they move, and I do not like them.


So when picking up the CSA from Earth, Sky, Time on Tuesday, my heart rate elevated a little bit when I saw a big basket of garlic scapes.  Garlic scapes are the “flower stalks” of hardneck garlic plants.  Scapes look eerily similar to a snake body.   They curl in on themselves with a smooth curve only snakes can achieve.  After overcoming my initial mental association with snakes, I decided garlic scapes (scape even sounds like snake!) actually are quite beautiful with a strong flavor.  Perfect for cooking!


I don’t normally bake with garlic.  I thought I preferred sweet baking to the savory, but I figured why not try something different?  I often see savory scones at bakeries, consider trying them, but default to raspberry white chocolate.  After this recipe, I will have to rethink my choice next time I spot a savory scone.  It’s sort of like a fancy grilled cheese, just with a better texture (in my opinion).  The cheese bakes throughout the scone, and combined with the garlic scape flavor, it is lethally delicious.

I prepared these scones with Cabot Sharp Cheddar, but I think they also would be delicious with Asiago or Parmesan (just make sure it is a hard cheese)!  Further, if you want to up the garlic flavor (who doesn’t?!), I would add in several cloves of minced garlic.  These are perfect as a side for a lunch or dinner, and if you are into spicy cream cheese (I know our PG Ian Torchia is) delicious that way as well.

Don’t just default to sweet, but spice it up with some savory baking!

Happy July 4!


Snake-like garlic scapes — eek!


“Wet sand” consistency after butter is mixed with flour mixture. I find it is easiest to use my hands when doing this.


Scones are ready to be placed on a pan, and glazed with a whisked egg for baking.


These scones truly are a savory delight!

annie recipe card for cheddar garlic scape scones