Confessions of an Over-Packer (and some pictures!)

Last week was a full week of training.  We did two speed workouts, two interval sets, one over distance workout, and a huge clinic with the Ford Sayre Ski Club in Hanover, NH.  Looming over each workout last week was the knowledge that I had to begin packing.


A pretty accurate image of me packing

One problem I’ve never had on trips was having too few clothes.  Some might argue, maybe, perhaps, there’s a chance, that I pack too much clothing.  As a result, sometimes the 50 pound bag rule becomes a problem.  Have I worn three sweatshirts, a winter coat, and my heaviest winter boots while flying?  Yes.  Am I ashamed?  A little.  Is it possible for me to change? Here’s to hoping.

On Saturday, the SMS T2 team heads west.  The US Ski Team has a 2 week training camp in Park City, UT, followed by a nine day on snow block in Canmore, Canada.  The camp will be hard, but figuring out what to bring might be even more difficult.  Not only do we need summer clothing (Park City can get some warm afternoons), but Fall clothing (mornings out West are cold!), AND winter clothing (hooray for snow!).  Historically I’ve made a packing list.  This has failed me time and time again.  As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  I have less than one day to come up with a different way to pack.  Maybe a “no-packing” list?  Or maybe I should pack normally, and then get rid of half of the items.  I could hire Jessie to pack for me.  I could downsize my normal duffel bag.  Limit myself to one carry-on bag?  Go through 26 days and come up with combinations of outfits for each day, and just pack that?  I’m just not sure.  I’ll let you know if I succeed.  Until then, here are some fun pictures from the last week, and I better get (over) packing.


Coach Pat leading a group of 5th and 6th graders in some poling technique at our clinic in Hanover. The clinic portion of the day was foucsed on bounding, and even though I was one of the “leaders” it was good to get a refresher course on important parts of bounding!


Jessie, along with Paddy, took charge of the 7th and 8th graders. Jessie is great at giving clinics (she does around 20 a year!) and she had all of the kids enthralled.


Sophie and Simi took care of the younger kids. They named themselves the “snow leopards,” and this picture is each person’s rendition of a snow leopard face. The range is astounding, and I think this is the best picture of the day.


Erika and Andy led the high school kids in their bounding progression. Judging from Andy’s stance, the day was a success.


Last week was a 20 hour training week for me. One of the best ways to get more hours is to do afternoon workouts. Erika, Annie P., Andy and I did an hour run near Grout Pond in Stratton. The leaves were starting to change, and we saw a moose! Adventure run!


Erika, Sophie, and I taking a photo stop on our 3.5 hour OD last Saturday. We started the OD with an 1.5 hour skate, and finished it off with a run around Little Rock Pond. I think we are even sitting on Little Rock! I feel so lucky to have these pretty ladies as my best friends!


Looking really cool riding across the Dartmouth campus. The clinic in Hanover on Sunday worked out really well for me, because it gave me an excuse to visit Thomas for a couple days.


Mid mountain bike with Thomas. He is a lot better than me, but was very patient as a I squealed my way around some single track at Oak Hill.


Speeds with Sophie! We both have been working really hard at getting our hips forward, and this is a screenshot from a longer video clip. I think we have definitley made some progress!


Last bounding workout up Stratton for a little while! Bounding has always been hard for me, but I’m working on staying happy and positive when I think about it. Bounding workouts are tricky, because it is a lot easier (and faster) to simply run up the hill. But I’ve been working at bounding instead of running, and I think I’m making some progress! That said, I won’t miss bounding up Stratton for the next three weeks :)


Alright, enough procrastination. Time for me to get packing! Look for an update from the West next week!