As we enter the “real” heat of the summer, we also encounter a bounty of new vegetables from the Earth Sky Time CSA.  This week there were so many different goodies, it was hard to decide what to make.  Beets and fennel both came close to being featured (better luck next time, guys), but I landed on cucumbers for the featured ingredient in this week’s Thursday Bakery.

Even by themselves cucumbers are refreshing and delicious.  Add some salt to the top, and you have yourself a very delicious post-workout and salt-filled tasty treat.  Add mangos, red onion, cilantro and honey?  Well then you have yourself the perfect salsa for just about anything.

We first enjoyed the Mango-Cucumber Salsa in an appetizer dish of crackers, Cabot Cheese and Vermont Smoke and Cure summer sausage.  The salsa also topped bratwursts for our main course in honor of “National Hot Dog Day” (yesterday, July 23).

The salsa was cool (…as a cucumber…) on a hot, humid, and lazy summer day.  And overall, the perfect topping for our entire meal.


Mise in place!


Ready to mix!


As an appetizer and incorporating other local Vermont ingredients.


This is a very simple recipe! A reminder that the path of least resistance sometimes works best—complicated not always required for a great success!


mango cucumber salsa recipe