FedEx and Fundraising: A Brain Game

A quick game to start off this week’s blog post. What do the FedEx logo and the picture of me finishing a race (with Isabel Caldwell cheering hard) at the 2014 Middlebury Carnival have in common?


donate isabel cheering annie at middlebury

Here’s a hint (and some background):

According to the Internet (“The Internet never lies”), psychologist Johann Friedrich Herbart wrote in 1824 about the power of subliminal messaging (although he called it “unter der schwelle”  for you non-German speakers, “beneath the threshold”).  In essence, subliminal messages are triggers recognized by your unconscious, but which you don’t consciously perceive — perception without awareness.  Take the FedEx logo for example.  At first glance you don’t notice the arrow between the “E” and the “x”. Yet you’d be hard pressed to convince anyone FedEx did this by accident.  By simply placing this subtle arrow, your subconscious recognizes an arrow indicating speed and precision, both things you want with a delivery.  Brilliant.

Subtlety has never been my strong suit, but I still decided to give subliminal messaging a try.  See if you can find the hidden (or not-so-hidden) messages in these photos and don’t forget the one at the top!

donate travel to park city

Traveling (and a lot of waiting) are a big part of professional ski racing. This was a stop on our way to Park City, Utah, during an off-term from Dartmouth I spent training with SMS T2.

donate training in park city

The USST camp in Park City is a huge part of fall training. We spend two weeks in Park City training at altitude. This year we leave for Park City on October 4th (I’m very excited).

donate annie canmore

After Park City, the SMS T2 team will head to Canmore, Alberta, Canada, for a nine-day on-snow block. Getting on snow early is a huge help, both physically and mentally. It helps us figure out where we still need work, while reminding us why we spent all those hours on roller skis. I spent my first week in Canmore two falls ago, and I am looking forward to returning this October 20th! Photo credit: Bill Pierce.

donate annie 2013 us nationals

In January, I will travel to US Nationals in Houghton, Michigan. Nationals are qualifiers for European racing and therefore a pretty big deal. In 2013, I made it to the Skate Sprint “A” Final (I am on the left in Dartmouth green), finishing 5th, and qualifying for the 2013 U23 World Championships in the Czech Republic. Photo credit:

donate annie at 2013 wjs

Here I am racing at U23 World Championships in 2013. This year U23s are in Kazakhstan, and once again I am hoping to qualify for the trip. From there, I would begin my first full season racing around Europe (in previous years I returned home to school).

Did someone say (please) donate?  Weird.  I didn’t see it at first either (the power of subliminal messaging – Herbart was really on to something there).  But on the topic of donating….

This Saturday, September 20th, my SMS T2 teammates and I will embark on our annual 100K Ski-A-Thon.  We literally roller ski 100 kilometers — which is 62.1 miles — to fundraise.  A year of professional ski racing — including but not limited to the camps, races and travel shown in the above photos — will end up costing about $20,000.Thanks to my new sponsor The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, and also our team sponsor the T2 Foundation, I am exactly half-way there.  But I still have $10,000 to go and I hope to raise this remaining amount through the Ski-A-Thon.

donate annie in birkie jacket

Some early fall roller skiing in my new Birkie puffy jacket!

I know there are many wonderful causes out there in the world.  And I also know I am just one skier, trying to make it in the professional skiing world.  All that said, I want you to be a part of my story.  It takes all kinds (and many kinds) of people to make a dream a reality, and I want you to be my kind.  Your tax deductible donation will go directly toward funding my year of ski racing, and every little bit helps.  To donate, please visit my Support page.  I promise I am better at skiing than subliminal messaging!

donate 2013 100K group photo

Finishing last years 100K ski! Please donate! Thanks!!