I’ve been trying my hardest to keep the “fun” in FUNdraising.  While at times the prospect of raising $30,000 and asking for donations can be intimidating and a little bit daunting, 98% of the time, it really is fun.  Here’s how I’ve been keeping the fun in FUNdraising.

1. Meeting new people, reconnecting with old.

After driving up to Cable with my mom yesterday, I was lucky enough to participate in the Be Healthy Hayward workout group.  This group of kick-butt women have been meeting once a week to train for the upcoming Birkie Trail 5K (happening this Saturday, be there!).  After a nutrition and taper talk, we hit the trails behind the Hayward hospital for a 2 mile walk/run.  I loved talking with all of the women, but my favorite moment came when one of them said, “Oh, I know I shouldn’t, but I just want to touch your thigh.”  An odd request, but one I couldn’t help but acquiesce.  I flexed my quad, she touched it, and stated “something to work towards.”  Awesome.

Also in my brief stint at home (don’t worry, I’ll be back again in a week) I’ve had the chance to sit down and reconnect with my high school nordic coach, Ms. Scott.  An incredibly generous, outgoing, and all around amazing person, Ms. Scott has a lot to do with where I am today, and sitting down and chatting with her was revitalizing and just so fabulous.  Ms. Scott has been doing a lot to promote my FUNdraiser at the PowerHouse on September 27th, and I am so thankful for that.  And we set a date to make Paella at her house, so a double win there.


Ms. Scott (far Left) with the rest of my high school team after our sections race my senior year.


2. Heavy utilization of my planner, getting new pens to keep everything organized

At times, planning a FUNdraiser is the teensiest bit stressful.  Instead of having dreams where I forget an entire half of an exam, I have dreams nightmares that either (a) no one will show up or (b) I show up to the Powerhouse and am suddenly unable to do a pushup or (c) I drop every single Pizza I’m serving at Rivers Eatery tonight, no one gets their pizza, and everyone experiences a new level of Hanger.  One thing that helps me quell my nightmares is writing everything I want to happen down in my planner, and using different colored (new!) pens to keep everything organized.  My planner looks full and pretty, and that in itself is quite soothing.

3. Home

Despite my status as an Easterner for the past six years, I am truly a Minnesota girl at heart.  Nothing makes me quite as happy as landing in the MSP airport, driving home, and sitting in our living room with coffee, my dog, and three cats milling about.  I love St. Paul and all of the great restaurants and shopping, I love that everyone waves at you when you’re running down a country road, and I really love spending time with my family (sorry you aren’t here Henry, but more steak for me).  This is one of the reasons I’m having my FUNdraisers at home- it gave me the opportunity to come back, and also the chance to be among my favorite kind of people- Midwesterners.  Minnesota (and I’m sure Wisconsin) nice, truly is a thing.


Hanging with Val on my favorite street in the world, Grand Avenue in St. Paul!



Not sure if Liesel loves me or her tennis ball more, but I’m not going to ask questions if I don’t want to know the answer :)


4. Crossfit!

This spring I added the PowerHouse to my seemingly endless list of reasons I love Minnesota.  It took all my restraint not to just hop off the Plane at 8:20 in the morning (after waking up at 2:30 that morning) and head right over to the 9:15 class at the Powerhouse.  But I used some judgement, and waited until Tuesday to enter the gym.  I’ve been going every day since (even if just for some mobility, or to say hello), and I can’t wait to share the gym with everyone on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 27th at 2 P.M. for my special session FUNdraiser.  I’ve been talking with both Max and Jill about the workout, and I think it will be a lot of fun.  So please come (and RSVP if you get the chance)!


Rediscovered my favorite lifting shirt while at home.


5. Pizza!

Finally, tonight I will be serving Pizza at one of my favorite Wisconsin spots, the Rivers Eatery.  Mick and Beth Endersbe were my first employers, and really spoiled me for the rest of my job hunting life.  They are two of the most supportive, genuine, and silent sports loving people you will EVER meet.  So if you are in the area and looking for an easy (and supremely delicious) dinner, good conversation and an all around fantastic time, head on over to Rivers TONIGHT.  It also happens to be great fuel for any and all participants in the many events of the Birkie Trail Run (I will be running the last leg of a marathon relay, so look for me sprinting downhill), and I know I’ll be pizza fueled.

And that’s how I’ve been keeping FUNdraising fun, and I hope you’ll join me in my fun-seeking efforts.  The dream I’m living wouldn’t be possible without a huge base of support, and I am forever indebted to those who have made, and continue to make, everything possible.  So come do a workout, or eat some pizza, or both…I can’t wait to meet you.