It has been hot out east.  The kind of hot where it is almost impossible to stay on top of hydration.  Last night I woke up at one in the morning simply because I was thirsty.  All I think about during skis (besides my technique, obviously) is what I’m going to consume to refresh and quench my seemingly undying thirst.


I often oscillate between root beer floats and smoothies, but I think I’ve now landed on sorbets.  A sorbet is so light and refreshing, and so versatile.  And so simple.  I love peaches, and I love basil.  Much like sorbet, basil is a versatile edible.  And atEarth, Sky, Time basil is unlimited as part of our weekly CSA.  It is the perfect addition to just about any meal, and most recently I’ve discovered the perfect addition to sorbets.

I’m having a hard time coming up with exactly what the basil does to the peach-based sorbet, but it is a good thing.  Basil invigorates the already sweet peach with its own unique punch leaving a very pleasant lasting taste in your mouth.

Overall, this sorbet is succulent with subtle hints of cool summer nights and general happiness, and it’s sure to knock your socks off (or your flip flops)!  Enjoy!


The main ingredients!



Simple syrup plus basil phase.



Ready to eat! Using unpeeled peaches adds pretty peach specks to the sorbet.


peach basil sorbet recipe card