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Eating is one of those topics that receive a lot of publicity, very little of it positive or even healthy. It seems every day a new article comes out claiming this food or that food is the new secret to immortality, and further every day some food lands on the list of things never to eat or you’ll gain 500pounds. All of this “analysis” stems from the unfortunate view society has that food is simply something to be consumed.  Don’t consume too much or you’ll get fat—don’t consume too little or you have a disorder.  And even if you consume the “right” amount, you could always eat a little healthier. As endurance athletes, it is important to recognize the importance of eating enough to keep our bodies functioning as well oiled machines.  But instead of viewing food simply as calories to turn into energy, why not view food as an experience?  Not just a task that must be completed, but instead as an opportunity.  Eating shouldn’t be stressful, and it shouldn’t be calculated.  It should be a fun, rewarding, and new experience.

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With the vast majority of our team either already in Alaska (Jessie, Sophie, and Erika), and the other half (Simi, Ben, Andy) preparing for Alaska, Annie Pokorny and myself (#Annies) have two weeks as the sole SMS T2 females.  It’s a big task holding down the female fort, but we are quickly finding that some things are better done in a duo.

1. Cooking for Two

With the number of bellies to fill drastically reduced, Annie and I have decided to explore some different nighttime meals.  While this is possible with a bigger group, cooking for two might be the easiest number.  Cooking for one there is often too much food, cooking for three you have to be good at math (Annie and I are philosophy and government majors…not math).  But cooking for two is perfect.  Most recipes are made for four (even the social science majors can halve numbers), or if the recipe is for four then we have the most perfect lunch leftovers.  Further, cooking for two means no one is left out of the process.  It’s easy to divide tasks and dishes. And, we don’t have to please eight sets of tastebuds.  Bon Apetit!

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The heat and humidity of summer have arrived in the East.

The heat and humidity of summer have arrived in the East. During one of our recent skis, Sophie asked whether it was rain or my sweat hitting her face. It was probably both.  Every workout we finish I can literally see salt coating my skin, and unless I can see the granules of salt on my food there isn’t enough.  Despite the horrendous humidity, we have had a busy busy week here at Stratton.

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Up until Saturday I had never taken a big fall roller skiing.  I had seen it happen to other people (the most horrifying being Erika’s fall in Lake Placid a couple years ago), but I myself had only had minor encounters with pavement.  A series of unfortunate events led to my first high-speed meeting with pavement but also along with it a couple of learned lessons!  I think that having a big fall is probably the gate way to life as a full-time skier, so I’m pleased that I got this rite of passage out of the way sooner rather than later :)

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The Big Three

Even though I’ve spent a couple “seasons” training with the SMS T2 team (last summer and two falls ago), beginning life as a full time skier begs so many questions. There is just so much to learn, so much to take in, and so much to do. For my first “real” entry on the blog, I’ve narrowed the big questions to three: (1) What is my deal with pull-ups? (2) What is the best way to run? and (3) What is the best way to live in a house with someone who shares my name? Luckily for me I have some pretty awesome teammates who have been helping me work towards the answers to all my questions, even if some of the questions themselves are inherently unanswerable.

Question 1: What is my deal with pull-ups?

One of the (many) perks of being on a team with a whole bunch of amazing athletes is being a rather present fly on the wall during strength sessions. Yesterday I hopped in with Jessie and together we worked through strength (after a great warm-up of agility with the younger SMS crowd—check out the SMS T2 blog for pictures!). Although most of the exercises were new and exciting (some surprisingly hard balance drills, fun new speed ladder exercises, and weighted planks to name a few), one exercise wasn’t new.

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Starting Week of June 9!

I graduate from Dartmouth on Sunday, June 8, and will begin my full-time training with SMS T2 that next week.

So then I will have some “official”

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