Song of the Summer


NPR recently released a very long, very confusing, very educational-albeit slightly boring- article on how the Billboard Hot 100 songs are determined, and how streaming services (think Youtube, Vevo, Pandora, Spotify) affect the songs that land the coveted top spot.  The list has had to stay in tune with (pun only half intended) the constantly evolving world of music (listening, purchasing, downloading, and sharing).  As with any “top” list, industry politics play a large role in determining what gets put into the equation that spits out the top song, and many people get their feelings hurt, and have a lot to say on the matter.  The issue is especially hot right now, as Billboard just released their first “Song of the Summer” ranking, and as the NPR article discusses, some people are mad.

Here’s a quick way for the Billboard Hot 100 to avoid any scandal: Put SMS T2 in charge of the chart.

Here at SMS T2, we take our training soundtrack almost as seriously as the actual training itself. For every aspect of our lives as full time skiers, we have a song. From coffee inspired wake up jams to pre-snoozing ballads, we make sure our soundtrack stays current and awesome. Due to the wide variety of moods, times, and people we must have a song for, I think it’s safe to say we have the ultimate Billboard Hot List. There’s a song of the summer on here for everyone, so take a look!

The Happily-Sipping-Your-Coffee-Song

Shine (Kygo Remix), Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, Kygo’s epic remix of Shine will be sure to flip that frown upside down (make you smile).


And if that song doesn’t put you in a good mood…Jessie certainly will! Jessie arrived on Wednesday, and it has been such a treat spending time and catching up with her! We found a new coffee shop near Stratton, the Coffee Bar, and it is AMAZING. Jessie poses with her mini Macchiato (don’t be fooled, that lil guy punches a two shot espresso punch).

The Interval Song

I Want You To Know (feat. Selena Gomez), Zedd

I don’t always have as much fun doing intervals as Selena has dancing her face off in this music video.  But with this Zedd dance-pop anthem blasting out the van window, I can’t help but have a little more fun.


           I was however having a lot of fun on Wednesday doing interval and taking full advantage of a bluebird Vermont day by doing some double pole threshold intervals. This week has been pretty relaxed volume wise, but the quality of sessions has been high. We have a full five months of hard training ahead of us, and thought it would be smart to ease into the swing of summer training.

The Over Distance Workout Song

Loving You Easy, Zac Brown Band

In my opinion, over distance time means country music time. Country music typically provides a good but relatively slow tempo to keep spirits high and feet moving when the workouts get long. Further, they often give many lyrics to interpret and emotions to consider. Loving You Easy fits this bill perfectly, as do a lot of country songs, because a lot of them sound the same.


Ohio (filous Remix), Damien Jurado

Really more of an I love life song, one listen (or twenty five if you’re me) keeps the positive vibes rolling.


WE LOVE TRAINING. Sophie, Ben, and I successfully got above the fog line on an easy run one morning, and couldn’t have been more pleased.


Broken into Better Shape, Good Old War

Training isn’t always fun. Even though this week has been awesome, I know there is a workout in the future waiting to break me. Thankfully Good Old War mixes their signature vocals with a message perfectly suited to picking you up if you’re down.

Close Second: Kanye (feat. sirenxx), The Chainsmokers

Because occasionally being Kanye seems like a good alternative to doing all out intervals in the pouring rain.

The Strength Song

Stole the Show (feat. Parson James)*, Kygo

The perfect strength song makes you feel tough, motivated, strong, and a little bit angry. Usually on the darker side, the ideal strength song wouldn’t be caught dead on a Kidz Bop remix. Kygo has a lot of pure gold music, but Stole the Show stole my heart (and continues to give me muscles).

*Maybe the weirdest music video I’ve ever seen


Working on some squatting in the gym. I’m working with the Power House at Highland (where I strength trained this spring) from afar, and it has been awesome. Bring on the protein powder!


Pat has so much confidence in my leg muscles that he didn’t even have to watch- he just knew I’d make it back up :)


The Dinner Party Song

2 Heads, Coleman Hell

The key to a good cooking/dinner party song is for it to be simultaneously subtle and interesting. As is the nature of a party, some people will be deep in conversation not listening to the music and others will be by themselves listening intently. 2 Heads is perfect for the 2 ways a dinner song can be enjoyed.


Jessie and I have been whipping up some stunning meals. We started our romantic cooking for two off with the previously featured Mexican-themed corn cakes Thursday. Friday we had a Vietnamese inspired Beef Pho soup (pictured here), and Saturday we made a Farro salad with Italian sausage and roasted brussel sprouts (check back on Thursday for more on that…). Eat well, train well!

The Always Appropriate Song

Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar), Taylor Swift

I’m only a little offended she didn’t ask me to take part as one of her sidekicks in the music video.

Happy Monday, and I’ll be back next week with another life update!