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Olympics Part Four: The Fight

At the Olympics, I had the enormous pleasure of getting to know fellow Minnesotan Rosie Frankowski. Rosie and I must have raced against each other countless times—at Minnesota State Meets, Junior National Qualifiers, NCAA Championships, and for the… Read More


Olympics Part Two

Days at the Olympics begin quite early for me. I’ve always been an early riser, and then throw in a 15 hour time change and my body thinks it is the afternoon when the clock says it is… Read More


Olympics Part One

I’ve been in Korea for three sleeps now (the easiest way to count after traveling an entire day that included a 15 hour nonstop flight from Detroit to Seoul), and to say I am whelmed would be an… Read More


The Summer Olympics and Big News

In just over two weeks, the Olympic torch will reach Rio, and the TV at the Disney house will be tuned to NBC sports 24/7. During the last Summer Olympics I was completing my sophomore summer at Dartmouth,… Read More