Taking the Offensive


It was Sunday night.  After finishing up our second week of volume training with a three hour road bike in the morning, a busy afternoon of organizing details for my fundraiser happening on September 27th at 2 p.m. at the Power House (more details soon!), and an evening of baby-sitting two wonderful four year olds, I drove into the drive way wanting nothing more than a 10 o’clock snack and bed.  Instead, I got a bear.  Turns out I wasn’t the only one with a 10 o’clock snack in mind- Mr. Bear was enjoying his own snack of wrappers and recycling.  Yummy.

Not entirely sure what to do, I honked my horn a couple times, flashed my brights, and sprinted into the house.  Then, I went into the kitchen still in pursuit of a 10 o’clock snack, and two little mice gave me quite the scare.  After building myself a bridge of kitchen chairs to the fridge (so I could avoid mice scrambling over my feet), I got my snack, went downstairs, and decided I’d deal with everything in the morning.

We lovingly call the T2 house the Disney house, but I am not Snow White.  I wasn’t whistling while I picked up the bear’s dishes.  I was fuming.  I didn’t want mice as friends (although I could use some more friends, as the rest of my house is currently in New Zealand!).  So instead I went on the offensive.  I spent most of my morning googling ways to keep bears away and capture mice in such a way that I wouldn’t have to see them dead.  I built a bear booby trap with pots and pans, sprinkled ammonia all around the shed, and piled peanut butter into traps for when the mice got hungry.  Although I haven’t caught any mice (maybe they prefer crunchy peanut butter to smooth), I think my tactics with the bear have been effective.  I do have a Plan B (unlike the New York prisoners who tried to escape) for the bear, and it involves balloons.  I almost hope Plan A doesn’t work so I can see if Plan B does.


Not pleased.


And figuring out how to co-exist with animals isn’t the only thing I have been (along with the rest of the SMS T2 team) taking the offensive on.  The past two weeks have been a perfect case study of taking the offensive during training in anticipation of the rest of the season (big hours now followed by a big rest should mean big improvements come winter).  I’ve been diligently hydrating, eating, stretching, and resting to take the offensive against illness and injury.


Taking the offensive against longer races…nearing the top of a large climb during our 3 hour over distance bike ride Sunday morning.


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Loving the local vegetables coming out of farmstands during peak season! Part of my lunch the other day was simply too beautiful not to photograph.

Most exciting of all, on Saturday Erika, Annie and I took the offensive against breast cancer by participating in the 10K race for the cure in Manchester, VT.


Pink army at the start- along with Erika and Annie some of the SMS juniors also took part in the race!



About .1 miles from the finish line, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. We haven’t done a whole lot of flat running (much less pavement pounding), but I didn’t hold anything back.



In fact, I ran my best 10K time ever at 39:38! It was an SMS sweep- I took home the women’s victory, with Katharine Ogden, Annie, and Erika in second, third and fourth! Turns out fitness transcends activities!

In my mind, taking the offensive minimizes uncertainty.  While knowing how to react and adapt to surprises remains paramount in all things life and ski related (you just never really know when your competitor will take off), the easiest way to tackle big challenges is anticipating them.  That way, you can prepare yourself for anything.

Watch out Mr. Bear, I’m coming for ya.


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But first, I’m going to dress up and have a nice summer evening with the ladies :)