The Dynamic Duo


With the vast majority of our team either already in Alaska (Jessie, Sophie, and Erika), and the other half (Simi, Ben, Andy) preparing for Alaska, Annie Pokorny and myself (#Annies) have two weeks as the sole SMS T2 females.  It’s a big task holding down the female fort, but we are quickly finding that some things are better done in a duo.

1. Cooking for Two

With the number of bellies to fill drastically reduced, Annie and I have decided to explore some different nighttime meals.  While this is possible with a bigger group, cooking for two might be the easiest number.  Cooking for one there is often too much food, cooking for three you have to be good at math (Annie and I are philosophy and government majors…not math).  But cooking for two is perfect.  Most recipes are made for four (even the social science majors can halve numbers), or if the recipe is for four then we have the most perfect lunch leftovers.  Further, cooking for two means no one is left out of the process.  It’s easy to divide tasks and dishes. And, we don’t have to please eight sets of tastebuds.  Bon Apetit!

Middle Eastern Night! Annie and I made turkey burgers, Pita, a yogurt sauce and used lots of fresh vegetables from our weekly CSA thanks to Earth, Sky, Time!

2. Skiing Second

It has taken me a long time to internalize the concept of drafting.  I’m notorious for starting races questionably fast, leading until I no longer can, and then holding on for dear life.  I fully understand why drafting is ideal, but I just have a hard time actually executing when it’s go time.  But I’m working on it.  We had good practice today during L3 intervals at Ball Mountain Dam.  The intervals are fast and rolling, and perfect drafting practice.  It was truly amazing the difference in effort between skiing first versus second.  I would go the same speed, but my heart-rate would be 5-10 beats lower.  So as part of the dynamic duo, Annie and I have vowed to work on taking turns and working on our drafting capabilities.  That said I’m still scared to draft on bikes (even after Annie and my 2.5 hour road bike adventure yesterday!), especially after watching Stage 5 of the Tour de France (so many crossed wheels, so many falls, so scary).  We don’t have any pictures from today, but trust us we skied together (even threw in a pretty intense sprint at the end of the last one to work on our closing speed).

3. Traveling in twos

Traveling by yourself is never fun.  Whether it’s driving, flying, boating or running, having a partner is always better (one is the loneliest number).  Conveniently, both Annie and I have boyfriends who live in Maine.  So for the fourth of July we decided to travel to Maine to do a 10K road race in Freeport and then celebrate the fourth with our respective boyfriends and their families.  The race itself was very hot and very humid, but in traditional dynamic duo style Annie and I ran most of the race together.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.09.19 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.09.43 PM

Both of the above pictures are from Steve Fuller, the photographer for Flying Point Road.  The 10K race goes right by his house, and Annie and I were pretty excited to see his camera.  We plotted a jump (above picture), executed, landed and then continued running (bottom picture).

photo 4

The Annies post race!

Following the race I tried a different type of skiing-water skiing.  I think I’ll stick to snow! I’m not a water lover, so it was a big deal for me to get behind a boat and fly behind it.  I was terrified, but by the end I was pretty excited that I had gotten up and stayed up, and maybe some day I’ll be able to drop one ski.  Or do turns.  Or something other than just stand up on two skis.  Next time!

Thomas having a great time driving the boat while I am skiing (very scared) behind. He did a great job however, and I managed to get back in the boat without injury.

Despite all the benefits of being a dynamic duo, the Annies are excited to once again be a member of the fabulous (fierce, fantastic, feisty, freaky, fetching, ferocious) five in a couple weeks.  I’m off to try and bake shortcake for two as practice for the first cooking class I’m holding this Sunday.  It’s a cooking class by athletes for athletes, and I’d love to see you there!  Check out our webpage for more information!