The Jumping Shot


Mornings (and Mondays) are a good time for reflection.  Especially today.  What, with the rain drops running down the windows, the Van Morrison playlist providing a playlist for my off-day to-do list, and my third cup of coffee sitting next to my computer, how could I not stop and consider the big questions.  What will I make for dinner?  How many emails can I send today?  How long can I make a to-do list? When did “the jumping picture” become a thing?

I don’t know the answer to the first three questions. The fourth, however, is definitively during the Fall of 2012.  In a foreshadowing of my current life, I spent my off term from Dartmouth (Fall 2012) training alongside the newly created SMS T2 team.  Scrolling through my old facebook photos (some times I manage to embarrass even myself…yikes), I came across the first recorded jumping photo.  On September 27th, 2012, Sophie and I leaped off a wall at the summit of Equinox, a nearby mountain in Manchester, VT.  From there, the jumping photos just don’t seem to stop.  Nearly all epic adventures, mountain tops, hard workouts, and every day occurrences seemed to be photographically captured via the jumping shot.


And so it began.

This led me to another question- what about the jumping shot is so intriguing as to have become a necessity in the lives of full time skiers?  As with most topics, I have a couple of thoughts.

1. Prove that if we really wanted to, we could have been beach volley ball players


…well everyone except for Annie. Celebrating a great day in Ramsau, Austria during the Pre- World Juniors trip in Winter 2013.

2. Prove that we can all count to three, all at the same time


When you consider how many muscles had to fire at exactly the same time, this coordinated jump shot from my senior year trip with Dartmouth to Silver Star is actually VERY impressive.

3. Demonstrate that even after a hard workout, we can still leap into the air (fitness)


Just a couple days ago we did threshold ski walking intervals up Stratton, and despite the hard effort managed to get ourselves air borne at the summit.

4. Because it’s part of our strength plan


This week for strength Max threw some hurdle jumping into the mix! Channeling my inner-bunny.

5. Our best attempt at trying to capture just how happy, excited, and truly lucky we are to be doing the things we do.


Whooo! Jumping for joy in Almaty, Kazakhstan with my SMS T2 teammates Ben and Annie at the 2015 U23 World Championships.


Celebrating the absolutely stunning landscape with my Dartmouth bestie Natalie in Silver Star, Canada.

Sometimes it’s hard to capture how awesome skiing is.  And sometimes a “normal” picture just doesn’t seem to do it justice.  I think the jumping photo is the closest thing we have to showing just how happy we are to be doing what we do.  Even if it’s cliched and silly, I love the jumping shot.  So let’s keep on jumpin’!


Other ways to show you’re happy (and also tired): goofy roller ski shots at the end of a Sunday roller ski over distance session.


Sophie showing how much fun she’s having being pulled around during a recent roller ski drill session. Yee-Haw- Till next week!