Things to Celebrate

Woof. As I’m writing this, I’m enjoying a (rare) post breakfast quiet time. I just finished up three big cups of coffee, two big weeks of training, and one (very large) pancake. The start to another best day!


I really love baking (obviously), but one of the larger problems in a bakers life (really there are few), is what to do with left over batter. It seems a shame to throw it out, but also difficult to rationalize making 2-dozen pancakes for one person. So after some quick research, I came upon a great recipe from Joy the Baker. It was filled with blueberries, maple syrup, rainbows and happiness and it also filled my belly. Perfect.


In my latest instagram of Annie and I on the top of Mount Mansfield, I decided to throw in the “another best day” catch phrase.  I’d read it on a bunch of social media sites, and with 99% confidence that I understood it’s usage I threw it on the picture.  After some brief googling on the way to Middlebury, I discovered that the point of hashtagging “another best day” was to celebrate the little things in life.  It’s very easy to miss all of the trees inthe forest, so in an effort to not miss the trees, here is a list of (some) reasons that this week has been filled with lots of little things to celebrate.

1) Dead Flies
We spent the last five days up in Craftsbury, Vermont at a mini training camp.  It’s always nice to get some variety in training terrain (say that 10 times fast), and I had a blast.  It’s awesome that Vermont is so filled with incredible skiers and people, and the best way to get better is to surround yourself with people of different talents and skills.  One of our workouts was a 2.5 hour run in the woods (actually a surprise last hour…I was all set to be done at an hour and a half when Pat gave us instructions for another hour loop…SURPRISE!).  The bugs in Craftsbury are notoriously bad, but the Green Team was generous enough to lend us some flypatches.  With only one bite in a 2.5 hour run, I’d say the patches were a great success.


I did win for most flies caught. They really love me! But also…Ew.



If you look closely you can see the windmills- I think they look pretty cool atop the mountains!

2) Improving!
After lots of harping on various technique cues (for me it’s mostly not following through so far back with my arms and keeping my whole body forward), I feel like I’ve really made some progress.  Sometimes it’s hard to go back to the basics, but you can’t expect to change how you ski without redoing some of the fundamentals.  Pat has been very patient, and it’s finally all coming together.


I tried to do some fancy screenshots of a side by side comparison of my double pole from one month ago and at Craftsbury, but youtube doesn’t allow screen shots apparently. This is a shot from some uphill speeds I did with Annie and Ida!

3. Pat’s 202 Mile Bike Ride Down Vermont
I bet your coach can’t ride 202 miles in one day. Especially when that’s longer than he has ridden the entire year, combined.



The top picture is our encouraging snapchat to Pat, and below is our celebratory snapchat to Pat.

4. Finishing Up Some Big Weeks
It’s always an accomplishment to make it through a week, but an extra big accomplishment to get through a big week. I’m pretty tired, and I’m not quite used to so much volume. But it’s important to build up the endurance in the summer, so that come winter time it’s there to tap into for races. It’s one of those weird paradoxes where it doesn’t necessarily feel good at the time, but you will be happy you have it later. That said it’s also important to back off when the body gets feeling a little too tired. There was one afternoon where we were supposed to have an hour and a half double pole, but my arms (and body and mind) just simply didn’t have it. So instead of beating myself into the ground, I hopped on the road bike and pedaled next to Annie. Sometimes you just have to watch other people work, and you’ll end up feeling better the next day.


Happy on the top of Mount Mansfield–Last big run of the week done!


As Annie P put it, we are like a mirror image. Not exactly the same, but very (in this case eerily) similar. Who knew we both stuck out our tongues in the jumping picture?


3.5 Hour Bike Ride Done! Also note the chain grease on Annie’s and my face. I had a bit of a chain accident at the very end of the first gap (we did two!)


This week is a pretty normal week, and then I’ll be heading back to Minnesota for a week of easy training, lots of eating and family time.