A Whirlwind of Activities!


It started off with #MybadMonday.  Then it was #TotallySwampedTuesday.  What happened next was #WhoaHowIsItSeptemberWednesday.  Then the more classic, #throwbackthursday.  Then the even less creative #flashbackfriday, and here I am on #SoSorrySaturday, finally writing a blog that is about three weeks too late.  Maybe by the time this is posted it will even be #StillbehindSunday.  As long as I don’t have to come up with seven more alliterations on #MygoodnessAnniewriteablogMonday, I’m going to consider myself fashionably late to updating my blog.

The last three weeks have simply been a whirlwind of activity.  I’ve turned 23, been to Maine, Connecticut and returned to Stratton.  I’ve had two weeks of hard but good training and one week of recovery, a lot of time planning out Fundraisers (a Pizza party at Stratton on Tuesday September 8th and another at the Powerhouse on Sunday September 27th), and even squeaked in some quality kitchen time.  I feel like as I cross one thing off of my to-do list, in the same stroke I add another to the bottom.

But I think the end of the September Blur is in sight, and while I’m loving every minute (or almost every minute) of the busy days, I’m excited to step back and soak up some cooler fall air and changing leaves in New York at our first US Ski Team Camp of the year beginning September 13th.  We have one more week of training here at Stratton (and are so excited to welcome and host the Sun Valley Gold Team for a week), and then it is off to the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center for a week of hammering out intervals with a bunch of super speedy and super great ladies.

I also just got excited because I saw a trailer for the movie Joy starring the cast from my favorite movie Silver Linings Playbook.  It comes out around Christmas time 2015, just adding to the list of reasons I’m looking forward to snow time :)

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Heading out on a bike ride in Maine with Thomas! It’s nice biking with him, mainly because he does all of the pulling and I do the best I can to keep up with him in his draft.


23! I had a great time celebrating my birthday in Maine with Thomas and his family, and honestly it doesn’t feel that different from 22.


Heading up to Mount Adams! Despite four years spent at Dartmouth, I hadn’t ever been into the Presidential Range in the White Mountains. We took a slightly perilous trail to get there (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE KING’S RAVINE TRAIL), but all smiles at the top.


Happy Hikers!

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After finishing up a big volume week in Maine, I began my recovery week by helping Henry move into his dorm for his sophomore year of college at Yale.


Henry is living in a great suite with five other guys, and it was so wonderful to see him so happy and back with his buddies. Also, America!


And then after week of recovery…back to the uphill run test! I PR’d which is a good affirmation that training is in fact working, and also got to jump a culvert in the middle of it- exciting!


And if you are around Vermont on September 8th, come join us for a Pizza Party at the J.J. Hapgoods store! Lots of pizza, people, and partying to be had, and what part of that doesn’t sound fun?? Hope to see you there!